Forty Practices for Cultivating a Spiritual Practice


Part One:
The Beginning
Your Invitation
The Circle of Life

Part Two:
Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening
  1. Qualities of Deep Listening
      Listening for Essence
  2. A Sacred Art
      Listening as spiritual awareness
  3. Using Silence
      Listening to access your stillpoint
  4. Learning from Experience
      Listening for new possibilities
  5. Communion
      Listening to communicate
  6. Rituals
      Listening for meaning
  7. Dialogue or Discussion
      Listening for context
  8. Seeking Common Ground
      Listening to appreciate
  9. Common Values
      Listening for connection
10. Presence
      Listening with your heart
11. Conversations of the Heart
      Listening for soul
12. Creating Safe Spaces
      Listening with love
13. Self-Expression
      Listening with humility
14. Practicing Peace
      Listening to understand
15. Creating Harmony
      Listening for integration
16. Delving Deeper
      Listening for insight
17. Simple Sharing
      Listening for experiences
18. Love in Action
      Listening as caring
19. Hearing Nuances
      Listening for each voice
20. Slowing Down
      Listening to reflect
21. The Voice Within
      Listening for change
22. Assumptions
      Listening for clarity
23. Learning from Passion
      Listening for vision
24. Contemplative Prayer
      Listening for guidance
25. The Agenda-free Conversation
      Listening with openness
26. Cultural Differences
      Listening without prejudice
27. Attention
      Listening for perspective
28. Hospitality
      Listening as a gift
29. Focus
      Listening for the holy
30. Engage First
      Listening beyond appearances
31. The Challenge of Change
      Listening creatively
32. Relationships
      Listening for deeper connections
33. The Gift of Solitude
      Listening to the silence
34. Practicing Reflection
      Listening for the questions
35. A Sacred Meeting Place
      Listening through prayer
36. Recognizing Intolerance
      Listening for your humanity
37. Patience
      Listening with intention
38. Harvest Time
      Listening with gratitude
39. Being Yourself
      Listening with authenticity
40. Being Complete
      Listening beyond the past

Part Three:
In Closing
Listening in Your World
Principles of Dialogue
How This Book Was Created
How the Art Was Created
About the Author and the Illustrator
Source Notes
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The Sacred Art of Listening
©2003 Kay Lindahl